Patient Consultant - Sioux City

Formulating the Future of Cannabis in Iowa
MedPharm Iowa is a medical cannabis manufacturer located in Des Moines, Iowa. We aspire to improve the quality of life for those in Iowa who seek natural, scientifically proven medical solutions to improve daily life while dealing with debilitating medical conditions.



MedPharm Iowa is seeking a Patient Consultant for its Sioux City dispensary.  This role provides exceptional patient services and reports to the Store Manager and the Inventory Controller.


Job Description

·       Comprehensive understanding of products offered.

·       Responsible for sales and developing treatment plans for patients.

·       Maintains presentable, safe, and sanitary dispensary conditions.

·       Ensures the dispensary sales floor is properly stocked.

·       Promotes a positive, customer-service oriented work environment in line with established policies and procedures.

·       Responsible for using the department-selected secure sales, inventory tracking, and point-of-sales systems.

·       Responsible for cash handling and related activities.

·       Responsible for updating patient records, data entry, and file maintenance.

·       Responsible for verifying proper identification and documentation for patients prior to dispensing medical cannabidiol.

·       Other duties as assigned by the Store Manager or Inventory Controller.

Employment Requirements

·       Highschool diploma or equivalent (associate’s or bachelor’s degree in retail, management or a related field is preferred).

·       Excellent customer service skills.

·       Must be able to successfully undergo a degree of technical training and communicate dosing and titration schedules to patients.

·       Exceptional multitasking abilities.

·       Ability to work in a team-oriented work environment.

·      Proficiency in technology software, desktopelectronics, MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint).

·       Fluent in spoken and written English.

·       Previous food service or retail experience (preferred).

·       Previous cannabis industry experience (preferred).


MedPharm Iowa is an at will employer and equal opportunity employer.

Note – Pursuant to Iowa law, all potential employees must pass a background check administered by the Iowa Department of Public Safety before MedPharm Iowa may present an offer of employment. Failure to satisfactorily pass such background check will disqualify a potential employee from employment with MedPharm Iowa. This document is not meant to be an offer, contract, or promise of future or continued employment.

In MedPharm Iowa’s culture, this position may be required to perform additional duties as needed.  The above noted document is not intended to describe, in exhaustive detail, the multitude of tasks that may accompany the position, but rather to give the team member a general sense of the responsibilities and expectations. As the nature of business demands change, so too do the essential functions of the position. For more information, contact human resources.