Production Associate

Note – Pursuant to Iowa law, all potential employees must pass a background check administered by the Iowa Department of Public Safety before MedPharm Iowa may present an offer of employment. Failure to satisfactorily pass such background check will disqualify a potential employee from employment with MedPharm Iowa.


MedPharm Iowa’s Production Associate assists various MedPharm Iowa teams at its medical cannabis manufacturing operation. The Production Associate assists the cultivation team with various cultivation tasks, the laboratory team with general laboratory support, and the operations team with various operations tasks. The Production Associate will contribute to many different functional areas and will gain experience in nearly all facets of MedPharm Iowa’s operations.


·      High school diploma required.

·      Bachelor’s degree preferred but not required

·      Two (2) plus years of experience in a professional work setting.


·      Assist with day-to-day operations in a large-scale medical cannabis manufacturing operation.

·      Assist the cultivation team with weekly watering of cannabis plants.

·      Assist the cultivation team with plant care and plant movements throughout the facility.

·      Assist the cultivation and extraction teams with harvesting cannabis plants.

·      Assist the cultivation team with waste disposal according to industry standards and regulatory agencies.

·      Assist the extraction team with destemming cannabis plants and preparing plant material for extraction.

·      Assist the formulation team with various product manufacturing tasks, including bottling medical cannabis products.

·      Assist the laboratory team with various data entry projects.

·      Assist the operations team with completing packaging process for formulated medical cannabis products.

·      Assist the operations team with labeling medical cannabis containers efficiently and accurately.

·      Assist the operations team with filling customer orders.

·      Assist the operations team with delivery of medical cannabis products.

·      Assist the operations team with various customer relations projects.

·      Assist with maintaining accurate daily activity records and operation logs as directed using designated software.

·      Assist with managing the cleanliness and organization of all equipment present within the facility.


·      Assist with reducing costs of goods sold and operating expenses.

·      Comply with all company policies, including confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.

·      Facility maintenance and troubleshooting as necessary.


·      Strong communication and interpersonal skills.

·      Excellent analytical abilities.

·      Must be reliable and maintain good attendance.

·      Must be team oriented.

·      Strong project management, troubleshooting, and problem-solving skills.

·      Ability to effectively prioritize and execute tasks in a high-pressure environment.

·      High attention to detail.

·      Ability to work effectively under time constraints as necessary.

·      Proficient in English.

·      Valid driver’s license and clean driving record.

·      Experience with Microsoft Word and other MS products as well as the ability to learn other software programs as needed.

·      Ability to work weekends.


·      Must be able to lift at least fifty (50) pounds, be on feet all day, work in hot and cold environments.


·      Zero (0).


·      Exposed to dust, dirt, mud, varying temperatures, varying humidity levels, varying light intensities, high decibel sounds, and some solvents.

·      Occasional exposure to insects, pesticides, and plant growth regulators.

·      Must be able to walk, bend, kneel, and read and write numbers and letters.


·      Safety shoes, safety glasses, dust masks, ear protection, various types of gloves and spraying equipment, and biosafety equipment.


·      Some travel may be required for training purposes and for staying abreast of industry developments.

In MedPharm Iowa’s culture, this position may be required to perform additional duties as needed.  The above noted document is not intended to describe, in exhaustive detail, the multitude of tasks that may accompany the position, but rather to give the team member a general sense of the responsibilities and expectations. As the nature of business demands change, so too do the essential functions of the position.  

MedPharm Iowa is an at will employer.  This document is not meant to be an offer, contract, or promise of future or continued employment.  For more information, contact human resources.

MedPharm Iowa is an equal opportunity employer.