Store Manager - Sioux City

Formulating the Future of Cannabis in Iowa
MedPharm Iowa is a medical cannabis manufacturer located in Des Moines, Iowa. We aspire to improve the quality of life for those in Iowa who seek natural, scientifically proven medical solutions to improve daily life while dealing with debilitating medical conditions.


MedPharm Iowa is seeking an innovative Store Manager for its Sioux City dispensary. This role will be responsible for all dispensary employees and security contractors as well as profit and loss activities.  The Store Manager will have regular communication with Company management and ensure facilities are in compliance with federal, state, and local industry regulations.

Job Description

·       Manage facility operations.

·       Directand coordinate dispensary activities to meet business goals and objectives; ensures profitability and growth

·       Oversees key projects, processes, and performance reports, data and analysis.

·       Reviews daily and weekly sales and inventory reports to keep the dispensary fully stocked and resolve any complications or problems.

·       Develops and implements training protocols and procedures in coordination with management.

·       Reviews operations and policies to better meet sales goals.

·       Reviews and approves accounting analyses for budgeting and implementation, financial reporting, and submittal of capital expenditures.

·      Primary point of contact with any security vendor(s).

·       Ensures facility compliance with federal, state, and local industry regulations.

·       Effectively and productively communicates with the ownership group, management, and subordinates.

·      Comprehensive understanding of all security technology, such as video surveillance, passwords, and point-of-sale applications.

·       Perform regular and unscheduled compliance audits.

·       Refines,revises, and enforces company standard operating procedures.

·       Maintain and implement security standard operating procedures and training.

·       Manages employee relations with support of administrative personnel.

·       Manages performance by formulating effective goals, setting targets, and key performance indicators as appropriate.

·      Ensure consistent monitoring of security systems (surveillance, alarms, and access).

·      Ensure facility locks and security equipment are in good working order with monthly inspections.

·       Provide compliance-specific training programs to facility employees.

·       Develops and communicates plans, employee evaluations, sales, and market analysis reports to the ownership group, including principals and other financial backers.

·       Works with various department managers to prevent loss, diversion, and provide inventory oversight and audits.

·       Engages with the Inventory Controller to ensure the facility maintains regulatory compliance.

·       Sets the tone, pace and directs the workflow of staff at the dispensary

·       Ensures facility compliance with local, state, and federal sanitation standards and occupational, health, and safety regulations

·       Responsible for reporting any indication of loss, diversion or theft from the inventory to law enforcement, regulatory agencies, and the owners group

·       Participates in continuing dispensary education and general cannabis industry seminars to remain at the forefront of industry best practices and to ascertain market demand, consumer habits, and the potential for new markets

·       Complies with HR policies including confidentiality and non-disclosure

Employment Requirements

·       A Bachelor’s degree in business administration, management or a related field, or 5+ years equivalent industry management experience in a retail setting.

·       Minimum 5 years managerial experience.

·       Exceptional multitasking abilities.

·       Strong communication skills.

·       Demonstrated people management skills and development capability.

·       Demonstrated successful leadership.

·       Strong organizational skills.

·       Proficiency in technology software, desktop electronics, MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook,PowerPoint).

·       Fluent in spoken and written English.

·       First aid training, OSHA training.

·       Related experience in a highly regulated industry.

·       Previous cannabis industry experience (preferred).

MedPharm Iowa is an at will employer and equal opportunity employer.

Note – Pursuant to Iowa law, all potential employees must pass a background check administered by the Iowa Department of Public Safety before MedPharm Iowa may present an offer of employment. Failure to satisfactorily pass such background check will disqualify a potential employee from employment with MedPharm Iowa. This document is not meant to be an offer, contract, orpromise of future or continued employment.

In MedPharm Iowa’s culture, this position may be required to perform additional duties as needed.  The above noted document is not intended to describe, in exhaustive detail, the multitude of tasks that may accompany the position, but rather to give the team member a general sense of the responsibilities and expectations. As the nature of business demands change, so too do the essential functions of the position. For more information, contact human resources.

Please include POSITION and LOCATION in the subject of your email. Thank you.