Almost Ready

As of December 1, 2018, medicinal cannabidiol products will be available at five dispensaries located across the state of Iowa. MedPharm Iowa welcomes you to visit our dispensaries in Windsor Heights and Sioux City.

Windsor Heights, Iowa

More Info Coming Soon

I believe MedPharm Iowa would act as a partner with the city of Windsor Heights to achieve our key goals of economic development in enhancing overall quality of life in our community.

— Mayor of Windsor Heights, Dave Burgess

Sioux City, Iowa

More Info Coming Soon

... the City Council in Sioux City adopted a strategic plan focused on creating a dynamic and vital city that provides quality, cost-effective, and citizen-focused municipal services. The plan places an emphasis on enhancing public health by maximizing the utilization of technology, improved community engagement, and improved communications and facilities. The City of Sioux City believes that a medical cannabidiol dispensary in Sioux City will help meet that goal.

— Mayor of Sioux City, Robert E. Scott

Other Dispensaries in Iowa

Check back in the coming months for additional information about the five Iowa dispensaries.