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Together we Cann

Medical Cannabis Research Initiative

MedPharm Iowa is committed to providing science-backed research and recommendations on medical cannabis. In an effort to promote scientific accuracy, we launched the Together We Cann research initiative. We provide patients the ability to record their daily medical cannabis product usage including the product type(s), dose(s), level of symptom relief, and any side effects.

About our Journal Program

By completing journal entries, patients can visualize their symptoms over time, while keeping track of their cannabis medication and dosing. Patients using the journal are offered one-on-one consultations to review their data. Our patient consultants can make recommendations of any product or dose adjustments to help improve symptom relief.  Data privacy is of utmost importance and individual patient data is never shared with 3rd parties without consent.

Participation in journaling also helps others! Patient communities will benefit by informing legislators and policy makers of science-back trends. This is a chance to make your voice heard.

Data collected and analyzed by Together We Cann may include information from patient diaries, patient intake forms, product purchase information, and survey-based data and responses. Personal identifying information will NEVER be reported publicly.

If you choose to participate in Together We Cann, you will contribute to an effort aimed at improving the medical cannabis program in Iowa. By participating, you have the opportunity to help fellow patients, inform policy change, and move the Iowa Medical Cannabis Program forward.

We sincerely appreciate you contributing your data and experiences to the Together We Cann program.

With your help, we can improve the program for all patients.


Rebecca Lucas
MedPharm Iowa Research Lead



Whether recording in paper or online, it is important that the information you record be as accurate as possible. Therefore, you should fill out each journal entry on that day. For example, enter your information for January 1, 2019 on January 1st. Do not wait several days and then fill out previous dates from memory.


It is important that the information you record be as complete as possible. The journal is designed with a medication table for current medications and doses to be completed every 30 days. The journal has space for one entry to be used per dose.


Journals should be filled out after medication has been taken. Ensure that medication is absorbed at the time of journaling, for example, 1-3 hours after a capsule. Please remember to write legibly and clearly if using a paper journal.


When you complete the paper journal, you may return it to a MedPharm Iowa dispensary for data collection procedures and you will be issued a new journal. If you have any questions about the journal, please contact a MedPharm Iowa dispensary.