MedPharm Iowa Awarded Two Medical Cannabidiol Dispensary Licenses

DES MOINES, Iowa (March 27, 2018) — Today, the Iowa Department of Public Health awarded MedPharm Iowa, the state’s only medical cannabidiol manufacturer, licenses to open dispensaries in Sioux City and Windsor Heights.

MedPharm Iowa was selected for two dispensary licenses from among seven companies that submitted a total of 21 applications. Because MedPharm Iowa also manufactures medical cannabidiol, it now has the unique opportunity to interact directly with patients, gather deeper insights into their needs, and then alter or develop products to best suit their treatment needs and forms of delivery.

MedPharm Iowa will also gain efficiencies through the integration of manufacturing and dispensing that will improve inventory management and security while reducing costs for patients. This vertical integration will make it easier for MedPharm Iowa to track its products from seed to sale and prevent and deter theft and diversion of products

“We are thrilled that the Iowa Department of Public Health selected MedPharm Iowa to operate dispensaries in Sioux City and Windsor Heights,” said Dr. Chris Nelson, owner of MedPharm Iowa and President and CEO of Kemin Industries, a global ingredient company headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, and the lead consultant to MedPharm Iowa. “As the state’s only medical cannabidiol manufacturer, operating dispensaries will give us access to patients so we can continue to innovate our products to improve the quality of life for those seeking natural, scientifically proven solutions to debilitating medical conditions. We are also eager to work with the state’s other dispensaries to assist those dealing with chronic pain, cancer and debilitating diseases, and help alleviate the opioid epidemic in Iowa.”

Mayors, city council members and Chamber of Commerce presidents in Sioux City and Windsor Heights wanted to see medical cannabidiol dispensaries open in their cities. Windsor Heights Mayor Dave Burgess, City Council Members Zachary Bales-Henry and Michael J. Loffredo and Chamber of Commerce President Jonathan R. Koester all wrote letters of support, voicing their shared belief in MedPharm Iowa’s qualifications for the dispensary licenses in their cities. Sioux City Mayor Robert E. Scott also declared his support for a medical cannabidiol dispensary in his community.

“As someone who believes that botanicals, including the cannabis plant, offer endless possibilities, I am enthusiastic about entering into medical cannabidiol manufacturing and dispensing in Iowa,” said Dr. Nelson. “I am excited for the relief MedPharm Iowa’s products can bring to qualified patients; the accessibility and fair pricing we can provide these patients through MedPharm Iowa dispensaries; and all we can accomplish in partnership with Iowa’s other dispensary owners who share our dedication.”   

The Iowa Department of Public Health also qualified MedPharm Iowa for the three other dispensary locations. Should the other entities reject the remaining three licenses, MedPharm Iowa would willingly work with the state to operate the other locations to meet the needs of Iowans in those areas.

For more information on MedPharm Iowa and to stay current on its manufacturing and dispensing progress, visit the website, or follow MedPharm Iowa on Facebook and Twitter.  

About MedPharm Iowa 

MedPharm Iowa is a newly formed company that will innovate, manufacture, formulate and deliver medical cannabidiol in Iowa. MedPharm Iowa is dedicated to manufacturing high-quality products and solutions for Iowans dealing with debilitating medical conditions.MedPharm Iowa will operate dispensaries in Sioux City and Windsor Heights, where qualified patients in Iowa can access the medical cannabidiol products they need in the most effective forms of delivery.

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