Medpharm Iowa Response to Gov. Reynolds veto of HF732

MedPharm Iowa, along with thousands of Iowa patients, are greatly disappointed by Gov. Reynolds’ veto of House File 732. Her decision today, despite the support of 80% of Iowans and a strong bipartisan majority of the Iowa House and Senate, will greatly hurt Iowans trying to fight debilitating medical conditions.

By vetoing House File 732, Gov. Reynolds and the Medical Cannabidiol Advisory Board have failed to support the Iowa patients they were tasked with helping.  The bill would have fixed Iowa’s deeply flawed medical cannabis program while also keeping it one of the strictest—perhaps the strictest—in the country.  Today’s veto fixes nothing.  Instead, it guarantees the program’s products will remain needlessly expensive and forces patients to consume more products than necessary to treat their conditions.

The Governor and the Medical Cannabidiol Advisory Board were provided with many peer-reviewed papers demonstrating that patients need options in their treatment. It is simply incorrect to state that there is not an evidence-based justification for the changes proposed in this bill. This evidence appears to have been ignored, despite the harm this will cause Iowa patients. In recommending 4.5 grams, the Board is apparently comfortable with forcing patients to reduce their current doses, without the consent of those patients.

Ironically, the veto does nothing to curb concerns about the abuse of THC. Under current law, there is no limit to the amount of THC a patient may purchase. By vetoing HF 732, Gov. Reynolds has insured that Iowa’s medical cannabis program remains uncapped for another year.

Unfortunately, Gov. Reynolds has determined that suffering Iowans should wait longer for the opportunity to receive relief. Nevertheless, we will persist. MedPharm Iowa will continue to fight for Iowans and their access to medical cannabis, Iowans who cannot wait any longer for relief from their suffering.

Lucas Nelson