Patients FAQ

What is the Iowa Medical Cannabidiol Act?
Is medical marijuana legal in Iowa?
How can I legally use medicinal cannabidiol in Iowa?
How do I register for medical cannabis/cannabidiol?
What is the role of a healthcare practitioner in this program?
Can any doctor prescribe medical cannabis?
What if my doctor won’t verify my condition?
How can I obtain a medical cannabidiol registration card as a parent, legal guardian or legal caregiver?
How do I know whether I am eligible for medical cannabidiol?
How old do I have to be to apply for a medical cannabidiol registration card in Iowa?
What documentation do I need to provide with my application?
Is there a fee associated with my card?
For how long is a medical cannabidiol registration card valid?
Will my insurance cover medical cannabis?
Will I need to bring my card to every visit to the dispensary?
Do I need to bring photo identification to the dispensary?
Can someone else pick up my medical cannabidiol for me?
Can I share my card with other people in my household?
Can patients grow cannabis at home?
Is my medical cannabidiol registration card valid in other states?
Can patients from other states obtain medical cannabidiol from Iowa dispensaries?
I can get hemp oil without a physician’s certification. Can I use that to treat my medical condition?
What is Epidiolex? What does it treat?
Does Epidiolex mean CBD or medical marijuana is federally legal now?
Does Epidiolex provide varying ratios of cannabinoids?